For the establishment of this website, besides the funding from the MOE, the following scholars and experts have offered their help in English translation. The project assistants have put in much effort during the execution process, and many repository institutions and publishers have offered image materials to enrich the exhibition. We are grateful to them for their assistance.

1. Scholars and experts for English translation (in the order of the number of strokes in the Chinese surnames)


    1. Dr. Trever Mckay, Department of Languages & International Studies of Brigham Young University-Idaho, USA
    2. Dr. Yauling Hsieh, Professor of the Department of English Language and Literature, Soochow University, Taipei, Taiwan
    3. Dr. Darren Martin Davies, University of Durham, UK


2. Research assistants of the project (in the order of the year and the number of sub-projects)

    1. Sub-project 01:Shao-Chun Wang (Doctor, Department of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University)
    2. Sub-project 02:Yi-Ling Hsieh (Master, Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University)
    3. Sub-project 04:Ying-Hsuan Huang (Master, Graduate Institute of Architecture, Tainan National University of the Arts)


3. Institutions that offer images and photos (in the order of the number of the strokes of the names of institutions)

    1. Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica
    2. Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica
    3. National Repository of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture
    4. Avanguard Publishers, Dr. Li-Fa Hsieh
    5. Public Television Service Foundation
    6. Aletheia University Museum
    7. Taiwan Historica
    8. National Diet Library, Japan
    9. National Taiwan University Libraryc
    10. National Museum of Prehistory
    11. National Taiwan Museum
    12. National Taiwan Library
    13. National Archives Administration National Development Council
    14. National Central Library
    15. Taipei City Archives
    16. Cang Bi Publishing Co., Ltd.
    17. Yuan-Liou Publishing Company