Open Data of Government Websites

Authorization and its scope

In order for everyone to make extensive use of the database resources, all information and materials on the website “Online Exhibitions of Taiwan Memory” (or “this website” of the NCL are protected by copyright. Those making use of digital materials of this system or the development of any product or service (that is, value-added derivatives) are required to abide by NCL’s regulations concerning the authorized use of digital resources and must receive authorization of the NCL in written or any other form or the original collecting institution and always indicate the source.

Related Matters

  1. Based on the premise that the user follows the regulations of copyright protection, this website offers a browsing service but does not offer authorization of any other kind of intellectual property rights, such as patency, trademarks, or institutional logos.
  2. Whether the personal information of a user made public by himself or may be collected, handled, or used in accordance with regulations, the user should follow relevant rules concerning the Personal Information Protection Act to plan and undertake corresponding legal measures.
  3. For those contents of NCL’s “Online Exhibitions of Taiwan Memory” that are involved with images, video or audio recordings, written materials or other works, the website, in accordance with regulations, adheres to the position of public presentation only, without having the ownership. Therefore, to apply for the authorization of specific image materials, one needs to consult with the source institution holding the copyright of the image.

Be careful not to violate ethical rights (including the rights of attribution and the rights of integrity).

When using materials for browsing offered by this website, one should not engage in the malicious altering of information. If the information presented in materials is not identical to the original materials after being used, the user is deemed responsible for any legal liability.

The contents of this website are for browsing only. Any value-added derivative developed from the contents of this website by the user is not endorsed by the Library; that is, NCL does not acknowledge or approve of such doings.