Information Security Policy

Any intention or behavior to upload or alter any of the services and related information offered by this website without the authorization of the NCL is prohibited and such person may be deemed in violation of the law.

  1. Security Protection Policy of this Website
  2. The web intrusion detection system is used to control internet traffic and recognize the unauthorized intention of uploading and/or altering information on a webpage, and intentional sabotage.
  3. A firewall has been installed to prevent illegal intrusions, acts of sabotage, or theft of information to prevent this website from being used illegally and to protect user’s rights.
  4. A virus scanned software has been installed to scan for viruses regularly so that the user can enjoy a safe web browsing environment.
  5. Backup operations are undertaken on a regular basis to ensure backups of all information are available.
  6. All e-mail notices concerning security maintenance sent by system manufacturers or application software manufacturers are automatically received, and proper patch software will be installed according to the suggestions made in the notices.


Self-protection Policy of the User

Safeguard your pin and all personal information properly. Do not provide any personal information or pin to anyone. If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, be sure to log off and turn off the browser window after you finish logging off the website or filling out any form so that no one can steal your personal data or apply for anything with your name.

Revision of the Information Security Policy

When necessary, the information security policy of this website shall be revised and announced on the webpage.