1. We wish that people share their knowledge in brief essay format regarding definite digital object(s) in the Taiwan Memory (https://tm.ncl.edu.tw/index). The shared essay could be of explanatory, or a related story about the definite object(s). Such collaboration is expected to revive the digital cultural relics in its associated social context.
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  5. his Website will delete the rejected essays and not to save at any storage. The contributors are responsible for the care and preservation of their own essays.

Any uploading/ provision of materials to this Website is of volunteer work. However, it is the contributors’ liability to guarantee the clearance of copyright. And, the up-loading/ posting/ provision activity indicate that the contributors are willing to release intellectual property to the NCL. The NCL are therefore permitted to utilize the uploaded materials in re-using, duplication, dissemination, distribution, re-publishing, etc.

Note about Essays Sharing

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