Archaeology Artifacts: The Earliest Inhabitants of Taiwan  (Year:2017- 2018/ Ministry of Education, Taiwan: Digital Humanity Program -Taiwan Memory Exhibition-2)


Yu-Pei Chen


Associate Professor

Institution/ Academic Affiliation   

Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University

Education/ Experiences

Ph. D., Kyushu University


About the project In recent years, all kinds of rescue, discovery, and research projects have brought prehistorical/historical sites in different places in Taiwan to the archaeological field and to the public. Through scholarly research, the activities of inhabitants at different periods in Taiwan are more clearly presented. This exhibition shows how the current archeological evidence can make inferences about the lives of the earliest inhabitants of Taiwan, and gradually how the inhabitants adapted to the land and the environment, and then how they brought about an important revolution in its cultural history: the beginning of agriculture and the change of life through agriculture. The next stage emerged as diversified groups and cultures were produced by the integration and clashes of different elements such as new immigrants, new crafts and technological innovations, and contact with foreign cultures. At the same time, the interrelationship of this complex process and Taiwan’s aboriginal history can be examined. In the future, I hope to implement the latest related archaeological evidence from various times to illustrate ancient Taiwanese groups and their cultures, life styles, social types, possible exchanges between different groups, and other aspects.

Research Assistant

Yi-Ling Hsieh (Master, Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University)