Thailand in Taiwan Memory


The Beauty and Grace of Thailand—An Exhibition of Thailand in Taiwan Memory

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Ching-Ju Cheng



Institution/Academic Affiliation  

National Central Library

Education/ Experiences

Ph.D., National Taiwan University of Arts


Cultural Policy, Strategic Planning for Digitization Project, Museum Studies, History
About the project

The National Central Library (NCL) holds an exhibition titled “The Beauty and Grace of Thailand—An Exhibition of Thailand in 'Taiwan Memory'” at Chulalongkorn University-Bangkok, Thailand in 2018. The exhibition text is in Thai and English.

In 2019, NCL releases this exhibition online in Chinese and English. Due to changes in the way of online browsing, the content was reorganized, but the original display context was maintained.

The exhibition highlights the close connection and relations between Thailand and Taiwan. With seven themes on display, including statistics, rare books, Japanese investigation reports, memories of Taiwan’s celebrities, services of the public library, fun in daily life, footages, as well as getting souvenir stamps, with 100 books published over a period of 400 years, the exhibition shows the beauty and grace of Thailand in the memory of the Taiwanese people.

Team Member

Yi-Rong Lee, Han-Yun Chang, Wen-Chi Liao, Chi-Kang Hsieh