Old Photographs


Old Photographs of Taiwan (Year: 2017-2018/ Ministry of Education, Taiwan: Digital Humanity Program -Taiwan Memory Exhibition-1)

Website Specification Planning

Shu-Fen Hung



Institution/Academic Affiliation  

National Central Library

Education/ Experiences

Ph.D., National Taiwan University


Strategic Planning for Digitization Project, Information/Knowledge Organization, Project Management
About the project

In the spirit of the trend of the speedy development of information services and the speedy growth of online information contents, exhibition technologies of information are creative; theories concerning the information structure in library science designed to help users to search for useful resources of which they remain unaware have yet to be applied in exhibitions of resources. In the past few years, with substantial government subsidies, digital collections have demonstrated outstanding results. But if the archival materials of the digital collections are not presented using the concepts of library information science and its core theories, vast amounts of materials will not be effectively retrieved as reference tools. Precise classification, indexes, and knowledge maps could serve as the bridge between the resources and the users. Through the application of the principle of information design, this project effectively designated classification and index terms in both Chinese and English and offered them to interface users who can undergo searches by using the touch panel. As the project provides a variety of indexes and knowledge maps, visitors can explore extensively to access and view all materials and contents, which will certainly change the 80%-20% tendency (80 % of library users make use of only 20% of the library collection). This is the practice of library science theories that applies classifications and knowledge maps as means of information navigation. I hope it can guide you in exploring the old pictures of Taiwan in Taiwan Memory easily and effectively.

Team Member

Yi-Rong Lee(Division Head ), Li-Lin Cheng(Assistant Editor), Chao-Min Chiu(Assistant Editor), Ching-Ju Cheng(Editor)

Research Assistant

Shao-Chun Wang (Doctor, Department of Taiwan Culture, Language and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University)